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The Beautiful and glamorous Eleanor Vallee as Milissa, and the elegant Byron Clarke as Andrew Lovingly read us their "Love Letters," relating the nostalgic story of lives of two people.

We laugh and cry with them starting as children in the land of Oz, groping through adolescence, experimenting and discovering in the preppie days, past the woes and separations of the war years and on to paths leading in opposite directions. As the years fly by, we are privy to their dreams and confessions, successes and failures, their letters revealing a love and friendship defying time and convention.

Eleanor Vallee is a feast to the eyes as she gives a sensitive reading, growing with her character starting as the bright young girl who stumbles her way to happiness only to find life's pit-falls along the way. Mrs. Vallee is the widow of the legendary crooner, Rudy Vallee, who was adored by fans around the world for generations.

Mrs. Vallee's range of credits qualify her for the challenging role in "Love Letters". It was truly hard to keep one's eyes off her.

Byron Clarke's elegance and dignity throughout his reading touched our hearts as his loyalty never faltered for the girl who is part of his soul. He shows true feelings in the restraint of emotions when faced with cruel reality. We didn't have to hear him howl to know his pain. (The tears were real.)

"Love Letter's", is a special show for that special event! By: Mina Diamos

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